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How to get over the fear of public speaking

Do you ever feel afraid in speaking in front of crowd. Are you unable to explain yourself properly in front of a large group. Is that fear keeping you from making public relations and hindering your career opportunities. If you said yes then you have landed at the right place. Here are 5 things you can do to rip away that fear and express the real you confidently:

1. Practice in front of right people

You know, when we stand in front of people you don't know our brains tend to get into fight or flight mode because since the stone age we are wired to fear the unknown and unless we are told about it and interacted with it once, we'll be nervous and afraid. So instead of jumping straight to mic in front of large audience and making a mess, first try speaking in front of your friends,family and acquaintance. This will help you gain confidence and gain control over your speaking skills and you will get the feedback too without being judged. So first try speaking in front of them.


2. Imagine the situation

Imagine the room full of people, or an online meeting. You standing in front of them grabbing a microphone, and speaking your content/queries. interacting with them. Imagine it all, feel the grip of microphone, the chair you'll be sitting on the person you'll interact with, the tone, the sentence formation, every detail of it, as if you are actually present there. Imagining situation in first person drastically reduces the awkwardness associated with the event and increases confidence as you have rehersed it many times both physically and mentally.


3. Take Deep Breaths

When we get a tense situation we tend to hold our breath which causes lack of oxygen and increases nervousness and hence causing stuttering while speaking. Taking Deep breaths increases oxygen flow inside your body and releases stress causing hormone so your body feels much lighter and normal and you'll be able to express yourself better.

4. Practice facial expression

When we feel nervous one can see it on our face and hence can easily judge that we're stressed and this will ruin the interest of the listener. the person listening must feel that the person speaking is confident about his/her content and is sure about what he/she is speaking. So you should practice making confident facial expression before going to stage.

5. Stay persistent

Overnight successes are a myth.True success is achieved through persistent effort and mistakes. There are no issue at all if you completely mess up the first time. yeah you'll be judged but you must stay strong and keep going making mistakes and learning from them and one day you'll be successfully expressing your content and opinions. Always remember that nobody is born a professional we all make our way through mistakes and errors.


Voila!! You made it till the end