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How to get more productive work done in the same 24 hours

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What is FOMO and How to deal with it

  Do you find yourself checking your phone every 5 minutes or more? Do people complain about you being not paying attention to them because you are looking at your phone? or do you feel that while you are left at home, all your siblings and adults are having the best of their time and enjoying and you are missing out on all that? Then you might be having FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. What Is FOMO? Fear of missing out is not a disease or anything its just another trickery of our brains. It is a social anxiety that makes us feel like we are missing out on something because we aren't there and meanwhile others are having fun. With the rise in people being home and easy access to internet its getting more common recently. Most of the students get FOMO at least at one point in their academic life. We humans are social creature, we seek acceptance and relations. but when we are presented with loneliness and when we get alone, our natural instinct to get together activates and makes us loo

You are a better person than you think !

  Why does it seems so often that we get demotivated and feel like we are the worst person on the planet. It so often happens that we stand for some thing good just to feel bad later because one of our teammate refused to stand for the same cause. There are some things which might seems bad and could look that you are not being polite or if you are doing it people might not consider you emotionally strong but actually are the opposite. so here are somethings which make you a better person in the long run even it does seem a little odd right now: Being Kind Whether you are helping a colleague or you subject teacher, or any random person on the street, you create an image of yours as helping and supporting person. But ! don't confuse helping someone with giving them all you have got if you are busy you don't need to help them or you can tell them that you'll help them later. Don't make it a liability to help each and everybody who asks for it. Do it if you are able to, if

What is Minimalism, and why you should try it.

What is minimalism? So, what is the hype about minimalism? first of all, its not about donating all your possessions and living with only 5 items. Formally defining minimalism is a way of living around your most important values, keeping and buying what gives you joy or what is important for you, feeling gratitude for what you have, and getting rid of all the stuff that you haven't used or won't use in the coming future. But why minimalism? Why even try minimalism? what is the point? you know, the problem in today's world is that we all strive toward buying more things and try to get a sense of purpose in that but in reality, all the stuff we buy, no matter how expensive, in the long run if it isn't for our good use, it tends to put us in grief that we wasted our money and this creates anxiety to buy more. That latest version of IPhone, that new model of car, which your friend had bought. you try to buy it, just to get satisfied for a short time then later regretting it

How to effectively manage time

During this pandemic many of us are working from home and this mixing of home and work has caused us to overwork or loads of studies. Many of us are overdoing the work and getting toward burnout. Neglecting other necessities is not a good choice, one must understand their roles and act according to them. So here are few tips to manage your time effectively: 1. Prioritize your work Attending calls while you were supposed to have a family time or working late night just to cancel tomorrow's activity with your parents this might cause stress and family problems if you were a family guy before the work from home schedule. You should prioritize your work what things are Important to you. In your professional field also you must prioritize what you value the most or else you will be just getting in the rat race of being productive without getting anywhere toward your goal. You must decide the task you say yes to and take full responsibility for that otherwise you will be overloaded with

How to get over the fear of public speaking

Do you ever feel afraid in speaking in front of crowd. Are you unable to explain yourself properly in front of a large group. Is that fear keeping you from making public relations and hindering your career opportunities. If you said yes then you have landed at the right place. Here are 5 things you can do to rip away that fear and express the real you confidently: 1. Practice in front of right people You know, when we stand in front of people you don't know our brains tend to get into fight or flight mode because since the stone age we are wired to fear the unknown and unless we are told about it and interacted with it once, we'll be nervous and afraid. So instead of jumping straight to mic in front of large audience and making a mess, first try speaking in front of your friends,family and acquaintance. This will help you gain confidence and gain control over your speaking skills and you will get the feedback too without being judged. So first try speaking in front of them.

Good low-cost hobbies to spend time in 2020

Now that we all are working or studying from home, we often have plenty of free time to ourselves. Its up to us what we have to do with the time given to us, we could spend it binge watching Netflix and scrolling Instagram or we could use it to increase our skills and enhance our personality maybe you can find a passion among them, so here are 10 Low cost but amazing personality changing hobbies that you can try in 2020:   1. Reading Reading is to mind what exercise is to body. I can't stress this enough when you read your vocabulary increases and when you read books related to personal health or other important stuff your knowledge increases and when you read fiction books your sentence formation and conversation abilities increase. you can read any books or articles you love. Here are some of my favorite books of all time: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho : Amazon Papillon by Henri Charrier (Very Inspiring) : Amazon The power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy : Amazon