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How to get more productive work done in the same 24 hours

How to get more productive work done in the same 24 hours

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

The current pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Be it cooking at home or working from home. Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home even when the permission has been granted to reopen the work Spaces. But working from home or studying from home has some side effect too, maintaining productivity gets difficult, our personal and professional lives get mixed up. We are unable to get a hold of our routine which makes us less productive and degrades our overall performance. Here are some ways you can try and enhance your overall productivity and get stuff done.


1. Plan your day the previous night

Do you plan what you need to do during the day in the morning and get all messed up because you have a lot to do? or do you feel like you can't figure out what you need to do throughout your day? then you should try planning your day on the previous night. Create a To-Do list and have at most 3 priorities which you need to achieve the next day and make a schedule. But make a broad one so that if any unexpected situation comes in then you can easily adjust accordingly. This will not only help you get more productive and get a clear picture of what you need to do the next day but will also save you from the panic of the last moment decision because you have everything planned out evenly.


2. Start your day early

I know many people will be saying that "Hey I am a night owl, mornings aren't my type" and that absolutely fine, because we tend to be at our peak productive hours according to our nature, but when we look at successful people none of them are a night owl. Most of them wake up early in the time slot of 3.45 AM to 7:00 AM, and there is a psychological reason behind it. You see, none of the worlds companies start at 03:00 PM and close at 12:00 midnight, because we belong to nature and we need to work in harmony with it in order to get the best of it. That is why waking up with or before the sun is considered to be the best time to wake up and work, not to mention the upperhand you'll be having with all that undisturbed and productive time, in that time slot you can work on your side hustle or complete your due projects, or can have a head start on the project you'll be working on, the possibilities are endless.


3. Limit you screen time before bed

When the sun sets our body releases a hormone named Melatonin which is associated with the sleep wake cycle and thus helping you sleep and wake up early. This hormone is highly affected by the blue lights emitted by our digital devices and hence affects our quality and duration of sleep (Read More : How Blue light affects our sleep), thus making us feel tired even with adequate sleep 

(if you feel tired due to work from home schedule have a look at this : How to deal with Work from home tiredness).


4. Decide your clothing the previous night 

This has the same effects as planning your day the night before, because 90 % of people rush through their closet and pick what's easiest to put on. But this has drastic effect on your presentation of yourself, people you meet with can easily tell the difference of patiently chosen clothes and a rushed outfit. Instead decide what you need to wear a night before, and to be on the safe side make a go-to uniform, that means make a suit, an outfit for every important occasion which you can put on even when rushing and still look good.For example

  • A wrinkle free shirt and a dress pants for any work related events
  • A good fit t shirt and a funky jeans as a go-to party wear

Similar go-to uniforms can be created according to your requirements. This will help you get more productive with your time in choosing clothes cutting down to 0.


5. Write down your productivity plan

Writing creates a drastic impact on our mind to remember the stuff that is getting penned down and due to that we tend to forget things less when we write them down. Unlike typing, when we write, we use multiple senses. which helps us remember it better and lets our productivity meter go up! because if we won't forget it then well be doing it for sure.

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