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Good low-cost hobbies to spend time in 2020

Now that we all are working or studying from home, we often have plenty of free time to ourselves. Its up to us what we have to do with the time given to us, we could spend it binge watching Netflix and scrolling Instagram or we could use it to increase our skills and enhance our personality maybe you can find a passion among them, so here are 10 Low cost but amazing personality changing hobbies that you can try in 2020:


1. Reading

Reading is to mind what exercise is to body. I can't stress this enough when you read your vocabulary increases and when you read books related to personal health or other important stuff your knowledge increases and when you read fiction books your sentence formation and conversation abilities increase. you can read any books or articles you love. Here are some of my favorite books of all time:
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho : Amazon
  • Papillon by Henri Charrier (Very Inspiring) : Amazon
  • The power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy : Amazon
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey : Amazon


2. Drawing 

"Art is what you can't explain in words" art is a form of expression just like our language and facial expressions. but its much deeper and requires and intense amount of emotional intelligence to understand that. when we draw we express our inner self, a reflection of our feeling and chaos inside us. When we put it all out on paper we feel light. As all our burden of feeling was place out evenly in a form of beautiful art and it doesn't even matters if your artwork is good or bad. The person with the right eyes can still find the beauty and emotion inside the art. It doesn't costs much you just need a pencil an eraser and a lot of emotions to crave out your art. Even I am an artist I put my soul out on paper here: Artist_khokhar - Instagram


3. Singing

Singing is a natural antidepressant. Its a natural remedy. According to information published in Time magazine, singing may release endorphins associated with feelings of pleasure as well as stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is found to alleviate anxiety and stress. Moreover it enhances your personality and make you more attractive. it doesn't matter you are a bad singer no one is born perfect its all matter of practice, mistakes and betterment. So sing your heart out all your feeling. Now due to internet we have access to all genre of songs and I'm damn sure that you'll fine your type too. So find it and start singing already!

4. Volunteer 

When we are hurt or sad we seek help and comforting but nobody is waiting to listen to your sad tale or may be someone listens to you but you don't wanna bore them or take their time time, then to heal yourself up and to feel better you should volunteer, be it for charity or some other stuff. When you see and cure others pains and problem your inner self is satisfied and you then heal yourself on your own without and one else's help.

5. Cooking

Who doesn't like a delicious meal and its even more delicious when its made by yourselves. Cooking in your free time as a hobby will not only help you cook better but will also make you independent. you don't have to rely on mess or any restaurant. You will be your own chef and you'll gain an amazing skill as a partner too. So start cooking now !

6. Gardening

Being close to nature brings inner peace. It not only helps us relax but also keeps us healthy as we inhale more and more fresh air our lungs refresh and our mind is rejuvenated with the fresh supply of pure oxygen. Its scientifically prove that soil have health benefits too and if your plantation goes well then you can reap the fruits too.

7. Writing

Writing is an very ancient yet effective form of expression we write to express everything from social media caption to tweets we write everyday, but writing as a hobby is a different thing. Hobbyist write poems, stories, fiction or even just their everyday journal. They write and store their feeling in those diaries you know what the people who journal their feelings live the moment twice once when they were actually present there and second time when they re-read that jounal entry.

8. Origami

If you loved making paper boats in the childhood then you might like this. Origami is an art of paper folding and turning them into beautiful objects ranging from simple containers to the dragon in the picture above. There are tons of tutorial and blogs about it. Just Search "Origami tutorials" and the whole world of origami will open to you.

9. Photography

Well, it might seem daunting at first: Photography, those heavy expensive gears thousands of dollars, but the truth is most smartphone out there pack a good amount of capabilities and can have you up and running in no time. Just find an object and click some pictures then pick the one you like and edit it. you'll be amazed how it turns out.

10. Playing Chess

Geez, what are you saying, chess? Yeah you heard that right chess is the best exercise your brain can get, although its a little difficult starting but once you have mastered the basics you'll feel the amaze, the feel of thinking many moves ahead, planning, capturing, defending. This will also improve your decision making and planning in real life too. so just grab your phone and install chess, or you can buy a chess set if you want.