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How to get more productive work done in the same 24 hours

How to effectively manage time

During this pandemic many of us are working from home and this mixing of home and work has caused us to overwork or loads of studies. Many of us are overdoing the work and getting toward burnout. Neglecting other necessities is not a good choice, one must understand their roles and act according to them. So here are few tips to manage your time effectively:

1. Prioritize your work

Attending calls while you were supposed to have a family time or working late night just to cancel tomorrow's activity with your parents this might cause stress and family problems if you were a family guy before the work from home schedule. You should prioritize your work what things are Important to you. In your professional field also you must prioritize what you value the most or else you will be just getting in the rat race of being productive without getting anywhere toward your goal. You must decide the task you say yes to and take full responsibility for that otherwise you will be overloaded with work or studies. Which surely will cause a lot of trouble soon.

 2. Know Your destination

A good way to find where one must invest his/her time is to find where it their destination because when we have the idea of where we wanna go we are more concerned about our time and we prioritize what is important and how much we are willing to compromise with

3. Organize yourself 

Staying organized is a very important aspect of time management. You should place your stuff at their respective places and in distinct containers so that you don't have to hunt all the house just to find your single piece of document. Keeping ourselves organized also reflects upon our internal self when we are organized and our workspace is organized we feel better about our work and tend to stay focused for longer time. Here are some organizer I found which might help organize your workspace and home:
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4. Create blocks of time

Imagine your time as a big block and cut out the time you need from those blocks and set aside for specific tasks. This will cause you to develop a good idea of how much time a process or task take then you can decide whether that task is important to eat that much amount of time.

5. Block Distractions

According to a study it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for a person to get focused on a task i.e Whenever you check your phone you switch from task in hand to the notification. This habit affects your productivity and keeps you distracted, so keep in mind whenever you are trying to focus put your phone on silent and let your family members or roommates know that you are trying to get work done so they don't disturb you.

6. Incorporate breaks

This is the most overlooked factor in time management and scheduling, its because we overlook the breaks we often end up tired due to continuous work. Ideally a schedule must have breaks of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes. And if you are working on a screen and desk you must take a 2 minutes walk every 20 minutes and focus your eyes on an object atleast 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

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