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What is Minimalism, and why you should try it.

What is minimalism?

So, what is the hype about minimalism? first of all, its not about donating all your possessions and living with only 5 items. Formally defining minimalism is a way of living around your most important values, keeping and buying what gives you joy or what is important for you, feeling gratitude for what you have, and getting rid of all the stuff that you haven't used or won't use in the coming future.

But why minimalism?

Why even try minimalism? what is the point? you know, the problem in today's world is that we all strive toward buying more things and try to get a sense of purpose in that but in reality, all the stuff we buy, no matter how expensive, in the long run if it isn't for our good use, it tends to put us in grief that we wasted our money and this creates anxiety to buy more. That latest version of IPhone, that new model of car, which your friend had bought. you try to buy it, just to get satisfied for a short time then later regretting it. And in this time, getting loan is easier than ever before, credit cards, instant loans and so many other options, but it all leads to more stress in the long run which leads to you working and doing something you don't like just because you need to pay all the bills, and live a miserable life. That's where the true benefit of minimalism comes in, when practicing minimalism that is one thing you need to focus on. Minimalism helps you get a clear picture of what's important and have a greater priority in your life.

Benefits of minimalism

Apart from psychological satisfaction, minimalism has other benefits too such as

  • Reduced expenses: When you sort out what you need and what you don't. you practice mindfulness, what you actually need and what you don't and this reduces the amount of money you spend on unnecessary thing.
  • Feeling Content : When you know what you're doing and what is the purpose of the things you buy, you feel content and complete you don't feel like you're missing something because whatever you need will be there in front of you.
  • Time saving : When you know what you need to get, it saves you the trouble of going through a whole lot of stuff to find what is required and when you possess less stuff its easier to sort and organize them.

Well, How do you do it?

Although being a minimalist is a tough task. It had been very difficult for me to start but eventually you'll learn. Here are some steps you can follow to get going:

  1. Get rid of all the stuff you don't need: Ask simple question, Does this thing brings me joy? Do I use it often? Will this be needed in the near future? if you feel any doubt about anything or the answer is no, put it in the donate basket and wait for some time and then donate it, if you can.
  2. Think before you buy anything. Apply the one month rule: before buying anything wait for one month and think over it, why do you need it?, is it worth the money? etc. The time limit can be adjusted according to the importance and/or priority of the object
  3. Keep your important stuff such as birthday gift from loved ones and stuff which is close to your heart. If its something which represents an aspect of your life then keep it.


Hope you liked it :)