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How to get more productive work done in the same 24 hours

You are a better person than you think !


Why does it seems so often that we get demotivated and feel like we are the worst person on the planet. It so often happens that we stand for some thing good just to feel bad later because one of our teammate refused to stand for the same cause. There are some things which might seems bad and could look that you are not being polite or if you are doing it people might not consider you emotionally strong but actually are the opposite. so here are somethings which make you a better person in the long run even it does seem a little odd right now:

Being Kind

Whether you are helping a colleague or you subject teacher, or any random person on the street, you create an image of yours as helping and supporting person. But ! don't confuse helping someone with giving them all you have got if you are busy you don't need to help them or you can tell them that you'll help them later. Don't make it a liability to help each and everybody who asks for it. Do it if you are able to, if you have time to do it.


Smiling while talking makes you look more attractive and friendly. studies have shown that when people smile while talking they are more likely to get the deal or the purpose of the conversation. But remember to smile at the right places, if you smile while presenting a deal or a trade-off you might be conceived as fishy or concealing something, and it might turn the tables around. The right timing is crucial. If you have this habit of smiling at the correct spots you are going to get the deal.

Standing up for yourself

Many people just feel that going with whatever is happening and accepting everything people throw at you is okay, But no, its not. Sometimes we all feel like if we stand up for ourselves we might get separated for the group surrounding us, but the thing is if the group surrounding you is putting you down, and never acknowledging you there might be chances you might never grow out. you need to accept and embrace yourself and not allow anyone to manipulate and modify your wishes according to their own. If you stand up for yourself you will be perceived as a proud and respecting person.

Acknowledging others

Whenever you succeed at something its not only you who gave their best, there are other people too who helped you in achieving that goal. e.g. You might have scored highest marks in your university but you aren't the only one who did the hard work, your mother who made you meals when you studies late night, your teacher who cleared all your doubt, and multiple other people who have minutely but contributed in your success. When you acknowledge them you are presented as a person who never lets any deed fall behind no matter how small it seems.

Taking your own decisions

No! that does not mean that you should override you parents decision with your own. If your parents have decided something in your favor first try to get what they are giving you then if you face issues then talk it out. Taking your decision means that you did not get influenced by other and do what you feel is the right thing. No matter what your friends would say. If you feel like you are on the right track, keep moving. but do listen to what others have to say because you might be on the right track but with the wrong approach. So listen to other but analyze that whether you want to accept the suggestion.

That's it for now, Hope you liked it :)


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